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Windows & Themeing


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If you're using Windows 7 Beta you can download themes, backgrounds, and gadgets from Microsoft's site here:
Although labeled as such, i do not consider those "themes" as i have come to know then from 3rd parties. Microsoft needs to get more creative with native windows themes outside of just choosing a different color from a color pallette and changing the picture. They need to add some nice geometry elements and special effects.
However, Thanks a lot for the link! Being a photographer, i do like to see the different art on my desktop.


OSNN Citizen Man
Microsoft did add in the Wallpaper changer this time around, thats nice.
I completely agree. However, as soon as you put the live essentials on, or even without it, the screen saver has a slideshow as well (two with live essentials instaled.) It almost eliviates the need for a screen saver if your pixels are always changing. I use that and just have my monitor (30in Dell) shut off after 20 minutes. And as a side note, that monitor rocks, as well as gives you a nice tan cuz it is so bright :yowch:

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