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windows startup jingle....



as we all know..windows plays a ".wav" file during boot up..if you havent disable it, that is. but what if you wanted to play an mp3 during startup??

my problem.. i have the great song that i would love to be started when windows boots up- but its an mp3..so i download an mp3-wav converter...convert it,and go into my sound properties and point the windows start up to this new "wav"file.. keep in mind..when i click on this song as a wav file..it works - no problem..sounds exactly like the mp3 version of it...only now its like 33 megs instead of 3.3 for the mp3..no big deal of course..

so my question is then...does the windows startup wav have to be a certain length?? ive played other wavs that were pretty long..but for some reason, when my pc boots up..it only plays about the first 30 seconds of the song...
or is there a way of just putting an mp3 file in it..instead of all the silly converting...

any thoughts or ideas...TYIA

Windows only plays the first part of the file. it won't play and mp3 and the reason it only plays part of the song or file if it is longer then about a minute is that when it is playing that song it halts starting up other services and such so you would be adding minutes to your boot time :p

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