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Windows reinstall . How often [ -?- ]


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Usually 6 months or so. Generally when i fill it up with crap and it gets really slow, or i do a major upgrade (mobo/CPU)



Never unless something makes it necessary to do so. I'm a real believer in: If it ain't broke........

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Good grief Charlie Brown
That's why I was always reinstalling win9x. Even looking at ME was enough to corrupt the registry. I've done things in xp which had it been 9x would have meant a format again, again & again. It's nice to actually get some computer time in without having to worry about stability.


Hipster - I have 4 systems running 98SE and all were set up about 3-4 years ago. Two are at my office and two at home. Never had to do a reinstall on any of them.


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longest i have had my system up wit out reinstall 5 months, damn windows, why cant ms make it stable to leave it stay up longer, damn them, man linux does a better job, oh well.


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Well I have yet to need to do a reinstall of Windows XP but I also don't remember how long I've had ii installed
I only format when i make a big change to my hardware. longest time windows has been up was a year. Formatted a week ago because i changed my hdd.
I usually screw it up after a few months, my current XP installation is the longest any Windows or Linux version has ever been on my PC


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My windows is never more than a couple of weeks old. After a fresh install (fully tweaked) & installing all my favourite programs I go online once to get an AV. update then I make a drive image & save it to a partition. After doing this I start to make a list of all the changes I make no matter how small (tweaks, updates, new programs etc.). Then I reinstall the image, make the changes & back it up again. Now my image is bang up to date & less than 12 hours old.

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