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I'm sorry Hal...
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Thanks Khayman.

Unfortunately the lack of validation is due to the codign of others (Geeklog). If i had teh time or skill to code a site to do what I want it to from scratch I would. But I don;t so I chose a CMS that has teh features that I like.

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Does sometimes :)
I tend to ignore problems with the news articles themselves as my main concern for having them sorted is gone as I now have an RSS2.0 background.


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Looks like your using 1.3.10 or do you just use "professional" theme? I ask because 1.3.10 is suppose to use a HTML 4.01 compliant theme.
The theme has been modified slightly and is now fully HTML 4.01 and CSS compliant.
X-Istence said:
So get on Geeklogs ass. There is no excuse these days for a website that does not validate by the standards.
I just sopke with the people over at geeklog and the 2.0 version is supposed to be fully html/css compliant and they are also plannign on the default theme to be Section 508 compliant.
The main site looks fine to me, although I can't decide if its "Clear, nice and simple layout" or "a bit too plain" :)[/QUOTE]

I would recommend a background colour to the main page. The white is a little too stark, and it makes it a little harder to focus on and read (at least for me).

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