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Windows Booting Problem (boot.ini)


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Ok, I dont ask for help very much.. I like to figure stuff out... but I cant seem to grasp this one.

It all started when I was a kid...*cough*. Last week I formated my computer, at first I stuck in a custom windows disk I had been working on (slipstreamed, OEM software, etc) but what happened is that it started installing windows on my "E:\" drive. Which is just a storage drive full of crap. I saw that is was doing this and stopped it. I thought I had deleted all traces of that bum half installtion then I put in a regular windows cd and installed normally.

After I got it all formatted and installed I was looking through my "E:" drive and saw some traces of what I thought were from the bum installation (boot.ini, ntldr, ntdetect.com) now usually I wouldnt be deleting system files... but in this situation I figured it was no big deal. after I deleted them everything was fine till the next morning when I tried to boot my computer. it gave me a message about missing "NTLDR is Missing" so I jumped on my backup computer did some research, found out I had a bum installion or missing files... that sort of thing.

So, after playing around in the system recovery console for a few minutes I come to the conclusion that my boot.ini is messed up (blank actually). So I create a new one, oh and this is were it gets weird. my C: drive (which as \windows) is now my E: drive... and my original E: drive is now know as C: (only in the recovery console). So I made the boot.ini and everything works.. windows boots just fine blah blah blah. (I had to copy "ntldr" and "ntdetect" as well since I had deleted them)

ok, so I get into windows and go to my Disk Managment and see that "C:" is listed as boot, and my "E" drive is listed as system. So, I think my windows install got spread across two drives, if anyone can help get the info from my E drive to my C drive I would really appreciate it.

If this makes no sense just say so.. I will reytpe it :p


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when I type in fixmbr it says I might loose access to my Partitions, on the Drive in question I have 2 of them. Is this a real risk? or is just a generic notice?

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