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Windows 98 installtion help for a friend


Simonsoft Network
okey, I'm trying to help out a friend with installing Windows 98 on a custom built system... he got it partiton and formated but whenever he tries to install, he just get errors (and I even saw the errors), one of the errors was something about true type fonts and the other was general protection error and the last I saw was something about accessing users.exe (or something)... if anyone has any sloutions, post here and I'll tell him... thanks.


Haven't install Win98 in a long long time. Is this an upgrade from another OS or a clean install? If clean, is the partition you are installing to fat32 and are you installing from DOS?
Also, is this Win98 or Win98SE?


Simonsoft Network
he got a full copy (not a upgrade copy) and trying to install it on a brand new, custom built, mechian... it's just Win98 I think and he did partiton it as FAT32 and we both tried installing it from the CD, and going thru. a boot disk, different kind of errors each time.


Boogie Nights...!
Is the hard disk he's installing it to new as well?

I would recommend formatting it and then installing Win98. Sometimes helps.

General Protection faults are usually hardware related.


Boogie Nights...!
Hmm, brand new system...

Reset the CMOS.

Recheck connects on the board are seated properly.

Are there any beeps when the PC is switched on?

Does the errors happen at the same place during installation?

Have you got another OS available that you could try, if that works then maybe its his copy of Win98.


If its crashing during setup you could have some bad RAM. I had a computer I was installing Win98 on and it kept crashing during setup (BSODs, GPF, and other errors) in setup. Try swaping the RAM out.


Simonsoft Network
hmm... I'll have to tell him to check those... but the errors always happens at the first .001 second of the setup. so I'll tell him to check those and I'll get back to you 2morrow or whenever he gives me more info on the sitution.


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Well it's either the drive or the copy of win98.
Try putting another OS like Win95 on the disk and see if that works.
If it does it's the copy of Win98 that's bad.
If it doesn't work the drive is screwed.

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