Windows 7 tells me that my hard disk will fail


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This happens during installation and is reporting on a Toshiba 12GB MK121 4GAP Its an old very old Laptop meant to be running on Win98. Is there a workaround to ignore this report?



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Thanks for your response I have tried again a couple of times and pressed refresh but no option to ignore it has appeared. Ignoring the fail and pressing Next gives the Warning about Windows.old and after accepting that it says unable to locate a valid hard drive to store temporary files To install Windows create more free space or install a new disk. At this stage Installation is reporting I have an 11.2GB disk and 7.8GB free. Should I just give up?

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Your problem is the drive is not big enough to do an upgrade.

If you want to use that drive for Win 7 then backup all your data, boot from the DVD and do a fresh install.


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Thanks for your response. On a previous attempt Win 7 install said I needed 6262Mb to install So i deleted my Backup partition to achieve current available space. I am hoping that there is a workaround for the disk will fail soon so i can continue. FYI there is no CDrom available only Floppy. I am trying to install Win 7 from a network Disk. Tia


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Thank you for your comment I tried formatting disk and it still shows under SMART 64 reassigned bytes. Then tried a Prog called SelfImage got as far as installing to Laptop but it reset with a partition error. Now given up the idea and am now experimenting with installing WinXP through PXE.


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Especially considering how brutal Vista & 7 is on hard disks. In my opinion I would not even waste my time trying to install this OS on such old and apparently dying hardware.
The disk in question is in a Toshiba Poetage 3480CT which started out as a Win98 machine. Because i have plenty of time on my hands I upgraded it to WinXP with only a USB Floppy. Just trying to push the envelope. It was given to me and has worked for me consistently whenever I tried it for experimental purposes IE adding Wireless. I do not use it for any other purpose. I hope this answers all questions.

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