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Windows 7 Installs


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I have a Windows 7 x64 RTM cd key. I know that you can install them on 10 computers total, 3 per month. My question is how do you un-register a key, say if I want to move that install to a new computer without using up another of those 10 installs?

Is there a tool that can tell me where each key is installed, and any other information about it?

Also, I got the Key from Technet (do not have an account no longer). If I give this key out to a friend, or family member, and call Microsoft for help, am I legal/legit? Do these keys last for ever? Or do they expect this keys only to be used for business alone. I know that is the base reason for the technet rtm keys, but.
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So I call, say hey I installed this on a new computer.

They will move one install (of those 10) from one to another?


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Ok let's clear this up.

Yes technically once a technet subscription is done you are suppose to not use those keys anymore. Let's just ignore that for now.

I have 2 Windows 7 x64 RTM keys that I am trying to keep track off. Currently the first key is installed on 4 computers in my home. The second key is installed on one other system.

I know that each key can be used/registered 10 times. I want to make it so those 10 times last as long as possible, as in say I want to reformat and reinstall, I don't want to lose another one of those 10 registrations, but instead transfer the key I was using onto my reformatted system, or as another example onto a whole new system.

Now I understand I am getting into things that might be illegal or not exactly proper to do, but I can't find any information on this, so I have to ask here.

From what I got from you guys is that I can't call Microsoft and tell them to move my key from one computer to the next, but instead when I try to use it later on once all 10 activations/registrations are used up, then call and say I want to use it again. Am I getting this all correct.

Please explain further if you can. Thanks.


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yeah... well, maybe you could, but its weird ;D no one calls em while they still have activations left

phone activation is more like a last resort thing, or in case you dont have internet

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I don't see what it really matters.

Calling Microsoft is no big deal at all and they have NEVER declined to give me a code to activate XP or Vista (when I used it). I have activated XP hundreds of times now.

Even an OEM install I moved to another System with a different chipset. You just have to give the right answers to the questions.

However, I have never heard of one key you can use for different computers at the same time which I think violates the EULA.

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