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Windows 7 Application Questions


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So I knew when I installed 7, I'd have ton's of questions, lets just make this thread that thread.

First up,

I want to install my extracter, compression, zip program. Within 32bit XP & Vista I was using 7-zip as well as Winace. I was at the websites for those programs and did not find a 64bit version, I assumed that.

Are there versions of those apps for 64bit and I just missed it? Or what do you recommend to use in Windows 7 64bit as a zip/rar program?


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Man, today must not be my day. Thanks epk.

My next question will come very soon, just hold your horses.


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I was going to ask every question, every program.

Is there a list of 64bit version of "popular" programs. I already know my beloved Winamp is not.


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One program that should be 64bit that isn't, Steam.
Actually, some of the games are 64 bit through steam. Such as HL2: lost coast and HL2. I had asked Valve why it wasn't some time ago and they gave me that answer and i confirmed it. I could crank HL2 to max resolution and setting when i had my 6800 gt and it would handle it nicely. Give it a shot!


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I have done it many ways in the past, very hard in Vista.

Is there a program, or a certain way to clean and organize the start menu?

PS. I read a few comments, and I have been doing it, installing 32bit programs into the normal Program Files folder. I know some might cause problems and some might not, what types of programs might have issue with that?


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So every program I have installed since using 7 has been under Program Files, I just looked at the folders, and turns out you can't do that. All the 32bi applications that I installed into Program Files, are under Program Files (x86) lol
bman - just find your programs and install them. You don't have to worry if they are 64 or 32bit.

Don't worry about where windows puts them either :)


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You are right Lord, but that's how I am. At the same time, obviously I don't have a choice anyways. Yet again, if I can find a 64bit version of a app, why not get it? Right.
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I have 2 1TB drives, and 2 500GB drives installed.

Currently only 1TB, 2x500GB drive show up within 7. I believe thats because 7 does not show in active devices. I need it to show it, so I can format it within windows. Any ideas?


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In Internet Explorer 7, upon closing the browser, you had the option to reopen tabs the next time you launch IE. However, IE8 does not seem to have this option when I close it. Has this feature been removed from the browser in Windows 7?

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