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Windows 2003 Server folder attributes


Overclocked Like A Mother
Hi Guys,

I got a folder in my webserver (Windows 2003, MySQL, Apache) that will not change it's attributes, I want to remove the "Read-only" attribute. I have done like a ton of times, and every time I recheck the folder the "Read-Only" is checked off again. I need this folder full write permission so I can continue configging the DataBase.

Is there a way to permenantly change the attribute to full write?

Thanks in advance,

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Overclocked Like A Mother
Hi Guys,

When I look in the properties of this folder, I fill in all the checkmarks for "Full Control" and when I click apply, it erases the checkmarks. Now I don't know why it's doing that,



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Confused by your second post, but that's my fault cuz I'm uber-exhausted, so not sure if you have this resolved or not but I'll try anyways :D

You should be using NTFS permissions (off built-in accounts) on files/folders when dealing with a server. The read-only tick will get overwritten by it, and even if it stays it won't apply.


Overclocked Like A Mother
I am in the propeties of the folder and I try through there, but it doesn't work either.

Maybe I am not going through the right way.

I moved the folder to a XP Pro workstation and I am still not being able to remove the "Read-only" function.




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Again, I could be mis-understanding, BUT

You should use NTFS permissions, and the NTAUTH from the user trying to access the folder SHOULD over-ride folder level permissions.

Have you tried that?


Try this:

Make sure you can see hidden files/folders

Find the desktop.ini file located in the folder, for example -

Let's call the folder "READONLY"

Navigate to C:\READONLY\desktop.ini

right-click on desktop.ini, remove the read-only attribute

Also can be done from the CMD line -

attrib -r <Drive:>\Folder\Desktop.ini

Hope that helps ya ;)


Overclocked Like A Mother
Well I have tried everything you said and still nothing. I cannot get this folder to drop it's readonly permission. Oh well.

Thanks for your help, KC. I think that I am just gonna find another application that might let me do this better.


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