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WindowBlinds or Styles XP



Just wondering what you all think is the best skinning application. I realize Styles XP is still in beta, but let's just assume there are no serious problems.
I like StylesXP because it does it's thing and it is in effect gone - nothing running in the background.

If i wanted a running skinning app, i'd go with DesktopX, it's got by far the coolest looking stuff.


i have both, and windowblinds is just crap,and the only thing it is, a skin over xp, not xp skinned, understood stardock??,
Styles XP is a run once type thing. What it does is hack your uxtheme.dll so you can run unsigned themes is all. So it runs and then it's done. That's what I like, it allows things to stay native, no "running" skinning program in the background.


ummm the new stylexp has something that runs in the background...take a look

*my mistake in getting new version....can someone send me the older version?*


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I don't have any software running in the background! Uses the 4.0 version.
Btw, got a quote from one of the TGT-Soft guys about StylesXP and registration:

"Just so everyone here knows, you won't have to cough anything up until we release, which is months away.

All of the betas have hard expiration dates in them, but we promise to release an update before any date hits.

Please enjoy the free beta period.

Once we do release Style XP or StyleBuilder, then it will have a 30-day trial period built in.

If you really want a StyleBuilder key, but don't want to pay for it...

Just make an awesome skin, post it here on ThemeXP, and if we really like it, then we will send you a free key.

Maybe even put it in our download.

Imagine that!


ZipTrix, what is that running on your backround that gives you temp, speed, etc? Sweet, style and backround btw.


Thank you!

I finished building my machine last night, I can't wait to get home and mess with it.


WB is not crap and does not "eat a lot of ram". I have used windowblinds for a couple of years now and can say that I am extremely happy with version 3.* - actually at 3.5 now with version 4 in the near future. I tried Style XP and then the uxtheme.dll patch since I wanted to look at other options for skinning the windows. I like the flexibility of windowblinds - the others offer only limited ability to change the gui. I can't believe the debate continues regarding ram usage. I think that stems from previous versions - prior to 3.*. Just my two cents.

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