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Winamp Update script - I need a name for it and YOU to test it!

I have created a PHP script that works with Winamp and the DoSomething plugin, this script outputs a file that not only shows the song you are playing, but also information about the OS, browser, IP-address and ISP of the user viewing the file. Kinda like the Danasoft signature, but more basic and with support for .co.*, .org.* and .net.* ISP's (the Danasoft signature showed co.uk as your ISP if you lived in the UK. My signature shows ISP.co.uk). Users can also register and alter the text of the signature. I just want to test it out and hear complaints or suggestions, if you have any.

This all sounds very nice, but I also need to think of a name for my little project. I have absolutely no idea, that's why I want to hear suggestions.

You can see the script in action in my signature. You can also sign up here:
and here is the user control panel for custom signatures:
If you don't want to use the Winamp feature, you can also use my sig, but then without the 'song' line. Just link it to http://glaanieboy.dyndns.org/browser/index.php

There are some bugs that I know of at the moment: usernames, passwords and songs cannot contain any ' (single quotes), If it is in a username or password, you cannot sign in properly and if it is in the song, the song isn't updated.

One more thing: This signature/service is hosted on my home-server, which is not always on. So if you can't reach the page, just try it again later. But, for this event, I shall leave the computer on all night, which means that the service will be available for at least 24 hours from now.

I hope you'll like my service and point out any bugs, rareties or suggestions.

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