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Winamp plugin problem

Well, this could get ambarrassing as installing a winamp plugin always seemed to be the easiest thing I can think of but still it didn't work this time.

I downloaded the nowplaying-plugin from here http://drpizza.arsware.org/nowplaying/ and copied the .dll file into my plugin directory. But still the plugin doesn't show up in my winamp preferences plugin menu.... he? what the hell did I do wrong??? Did I leave out anything?

Anybody using this plugin without problems? I'd really like to combine it with coolmon as suggested on the coolmon website! :)

Thx for your help
Originally posted by Swi
have you downloaded all files you needed? (plugin, runtime library and unicode)?
Yep, downloaded the runtime dlls also and put them into the plugins folder. Or should I put them somewhere else? I guess I don't need the unicode file as I use XP.

Still I think having copied the plugin file into the right the directory the plugin should at least show up in the plugin>general purpose menu.

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