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Winamp alternative suggestions???


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Morning guys, i was wondering if you guys have any suggestions to alternatives to Winamp because Winamp is slowly starting to lose its touch and a variety of other things (now that hackers and what have you can get into your system thru Winamp nowadays). Well i was just wondering if any of you know of any good players that are somewhat comparable to Winamp. Any suggestions appreciated thanx lots peepz.

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Windows Media Player is starting to become a feasible solution.
10 is much better than 9.

I still like Winamp5 tho really, but I need my Zen synced so have to use WMP10 more and more - it's alright.


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There is no alternative. Although some may say that foobar is a good one, personally I don't like it .. Now if it had a better sound quality then maybe I would ..


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I didn't think there was an alternative, I loved Winamp so much, but I kept getting problems, and someone suggested Foobar2000 to me... I didn't like it at first, but now I would never swap. It's far more flexible, still in development and has a huge user base.
Seriously, worth a try.


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Quintessential Player was the only player I've found that might come close to Winamp for me. For now I don't use any player, I play all my music from my Zen Touch.
Personally I use foobar2000 - given me cleaner, crisper sound than winamp, doesnt eat cpu like winamp, doesnt eat gpu like winamp, doesn't let you spam mirc with shoutcast stream titles like winamp :D

So yeah good player without the fluff really. Plays every audio format you can think of and then some.


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Indeed, that's exactly it. When it comes to software as a generalisation, everyone has their own preferences, and for their own reason. So I'd definitely recommend giving each one a try, and then settling on the one you feel at home with :)
dreamliner77 said:
Foobar2000 - you can only resist so long and then it becomes like an appendage you can't live without.
true. i used foobar out of curiosity from readin this thread (been a winamp/itunes user for years) and i have already uninstalled WA.... it's awesome to be free of the CPU gobbling skin
I use my Winamp with the classic skin, usage is less than 1.5mb minimized and less than 2mb open.

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