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win 98 DirectX


High On Life!
We were trying to install gta3 on my friends pc and he has windows 98 arabic and after i installed gta3 it wanted to install direct x8.1 so we did and it restarted and it stays at the dos part where it says please wait while files are updated this may take a few minutes, he has a pentuim 4 1.5ghz and it stays there and doesnt do into windows what the problem??

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
Just a guess here. Get into safe mode & see what's going on. Uninstall gta3 reboot. If it's still no go there is a tool around to remove directx which again can be done in safe mode. The tools is called 'DxUn13' & is 699kb.


High On Life!
tried that

i tried going into safe mode it just puts the windows 98 startup thingy with the windows logo and the clouds and it keeps loading and nothing happens


High On Life!
yeah it did!

Yeah it did, it just started working! i dont know how cuz i was trying to avoid his house LOL! anyways i guess it just took a long time... well plz delete this topic plz!

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