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wifi repeater help

Are you sure she needs a repeater just within the house itself? What router is she using?
I have a Netgear MR814v2 802.11b router and I'm able to get a full 11mbit connection both upstairs and downstairs. You might want to try repositioning the router or tinkering with the orientation of the antennae a bit.

Perris Calderon

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ya, she needs a repeater I think...brick walls and all that...I can't even go from the den to the kitchen, about 20 feet from the router

I didn't look at the router though, and I'll try repositioning, but her husband is ****, and he's got a whole cubby built for it, and I'm not gonna be able to move it...maybe the antenae are down, I'll take a look

Perris Calderon

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I'm gonna check when I get there tonight...I'll bring my laptop up there and see where I do get a signal, if at all.

I'll also check out what I can do as far as netryder's suggestions
A list of trouble makers between the wifi station and the computer:

-Metal ducting.
-Mirrors (silvered back blocks the signal) - my big problem, huge bathroom mirror between computer room and rest of house.
-Portable phones (try changing wifi and phone channels)
-Major appliances. motors create interference and metal housings block signal.
-Make sure the computer case is not between the base station and the antenna. I think you can get antenna extension cables to move it if you have to.
In the mean time I got bored so went surfing:


Kinda pricey at $45 ( http://store.yahoo.com/justdeals/ or http://www.pctekonline.com/ ) considering I just got a netgear wireless G routers for $20 bucks after rebates. I'd run a cable from my main computer setup to somewhere centrally loacted and hook up another router there configured as an access point and set to another channel. The "B" extenders are $29.

Hmmm... and thus the solution to my giant mirror blocking my wifi signals. Where'd I put that Cat 5 wire?

"High gain antennas" are available too but not sure they're worth the money.

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