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Why Wont my Dvd Or Video work????helppp!!!!


High On Life!
OK guys i need your help i am some what an advanced user but i know that there are more of you out there that know much more than me.

OK in windows xp home edition i try to open a dvd in a dvd program or a video file in wmp8 and the pc restarts instantly! what should i do????

oh and ps if any one has a crack for the activation i would like that not becase i have a copy but because i cant activate it here where i live because i live in region not supported by the activation. :confused:
Nope not at all. But it sounds like a driver problem (and if there are no drivers for the DVD then it's probably not them :)).
Probably graphics drivers and/or sound drivers.


High On Life!
Didnt work

well i took your advice and updated and it still does the same thing!!!!
SHITT!!!! some one help its getting annoying!!:rolleyes: :mad: :mad:

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