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why this authentication prompt?


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Yeah, I am getting it like crazy too. If you notice, his signature is broken. I have a feeling it's something to do with the site trying to pull his sig off his server.

Damn you AM, stop breaking the site :p


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Yup, it is.

And, the prompt only loads on a page that has a post by him on it, I am pretty sure anyways...


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His server is back online, and his sig works as well. I'd say the hiccup has passed, and this thread could probably be locked.


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I vote we have Admiral Michael open a public apology thread - trhis is almost as amusing to me (not AM of course!) as the one about registry cleaners recently - but in a totally different and thank God more friendly way! Least I hoep y'all are joshing about some of those suggestions?

Damn - if that was me I would feel kinda like soooo... sooooo,... * s p a c e h e r e f o r A M t o co m p l e t e s e n t e n c e *

Admiral Michael

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Ya, I managed to screw something up in my server. I was trying to set NTFS permissions and all sites decided that anonymous access wasnt good enough. It was a IIS problem as any new site created had the problem. I thought about the signature and came here and it didn't popup, altho now that I think bout it, it may have been cause I logged in previously and it cached my login. :nervous:

Let's just say I had to format to fix it since I couldm't figure out the stupid problem.


Admiral Michael

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Ya I didn't want to but I was getting too fustrated. Had everything config'd in under an hour.

It was weird, the sites were enabled for Anonymous access yet they were being treated as a restricted area. I also had a problem of getting PHP and mySQL to talk, so I had to go back to PHP4, probably cause I use an older version of mySQL due to some problems getting a few older databases to work.

Came today to browse and saw this thread title and said un oh!

muzikool said:
Unless it happens again...

The sig probably shouldn't be in a password protected folder.
It wasn't, all sites went into a "denial of anonymous users" stage. I know not to put stuff in a password protected folder. :p
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