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Why bad performance???



I got a P4 system the other day here are the specs:

p4 1.8GHz 512 cache
Chaintech ES-676B (VIA P4266A)
128MB PC133 CL2
Chaintech GeForce 2 Ti 32MB DDR

Now the problem is that in Q3 I get like 75fps av. on 1024..16bit

I checked wth tom's hardware and even the i845 chipset with SDRAM perfromed like 130fps....

So what is the problem...

Should I get DDR (the mobo supports it)??
Does increasing the memory to 256 really make such a big difference (increase in fps by 60??)
Or is performance held down by the 32MB on the GeForce..
Coz I just dont get it???


Overclocked Like A Mother
Hi Leo,

P4's shine with DDR. Try also shutting down the anti-aliasing as well. That will get your frames up significantly.

According to Tom's Hardware it should perform around 118 fps. Maybe the drivers need updating? Is the AGP set to 4x? Could be the SDR vs. DDR as well.

The test computer at Tom's is faster however. You may not reach 118 fps regardless of how hard you try.
More RAM. I say go for 512 DDR

That should kick the P4 a real kick in the pants.

Also; for graphics card; I think you might want to get like a PNY Geforce 4 64MB 500MHZ version.


Thanx guys... guess i'll be saving up for those rams... just one Q... i have two slots, can I put in 256 &128 of the same type of memory or do both banks have to have the same quantity of rams???

Later when DOOM 3 comes out or something I'm gonna try and get the GeForce FX. But if the games just run smoothly untill then, then I'm quite happy with my GeForce 2.


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