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Who Were You?


Act your wage.
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I know that some of us changed our names between XP-erience and NTFS or NTFS and OSNN. Just wondering who is around that used to go by a different name. I know perris was dealer, jan was kitct (right?) and corvette has a new name but same attitude. :p Who else? Also, why the name change... wanting to elude your past? ;)
XP-erience was the first forum I ever joined. At the time, I was a little skeptical, so I decided not to use the alias NetRyder, which I was using for everything else...IM, chat etc.
Instead, in a moment of inspiration (or lack thereof =P), I picked the name XPMagic (pathetic, I know). I was more of a lurker here during the early stages of XP-erience, posting only now and then, so I figured the name didn't matter too much anyway. Within a month, however, I came to love the place and decided that I could safely switch over to my usual alias. Besides, XPMagic just sounded incredibly stupid. As I said, I picked the name without giving any serious thought to it initially.

So I sent a PM to Jewelzz (who was a SMod/Mod at the time), who in turn asked me to re-send my request to EP. So that was it.
And I have always been Glaanieboy, except I hadn't capitalize the first letter, but that was quickly changed (to my suprise, EP did it in a few mins).
On Spammers Paradise.com though, I was once known as G-Man. There was a discussion about super powers or sump and I claimed to have super powers and sneak up people etc. Quickly the name G-Man was born and I dared Funky Dredd to change my name. Well he did and then I was known as G-Man for a month or so.


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I've always been vern ... even during the xp-erience days. I was a lurker then, and for the most part, I am still a lurker.

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