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which UNIX o/s ?


I may actually be insane.
I've recently obtained an old box off a mate, its only a 133Mhz / 32mb / 2gb HD, but i thought i'd install a unix variant on there to learn and generally play with ... I have the Slackware 8.1 and NetBSD install CD's in front of me.

What i wana know is what would you recommend i put on there, slackware, bsd, or download something else......


Free to Fly
You cant get enough XP and you know it! =)

Seriously, go with slackware. I have a 2Gb hdd if you want it to slap in that box, then you can have both slackware and BSD :)


I may actually be insane.
Well, i've used slackware on this (my main, not the 133) box before and i like it, had a bit of trouble with creating the boot floppy for it the other day, so its sat in my other room with RedHat7.0 on (for the sake of it having something installed) at the moment.
But if i get this 2gb HD from Chris, then i'll put Slackware on and Download FreeBSD which has been recommended to my by a friend. and have it setup with Dual Boot


I may actually be insane.
Yup didnt like it.
My None Windows experience's are as such (in no order:) ) -

RedHat 7.0
RedHat 7.3 (Wouldn't install B**tard)
Mandrake 8.0 Beta
Mandrake 8.0 Final
Mandrake 8.1
Mandrake 8.2
Gentoo Linux
NetBSD 1.5.2
Slackware 8.1

and i constantly use a FreeBSD Shell for IRC'ing.


i had a 133mhz, 2gig HD, 48mb RAM comp too
i left it with Windows 95...!
i used it as a while as a file server.... for storing me roms...
but then i thought it was a waste of electricity and time just to turn it on, JUST to play some of my classic games.....

so what i did was, take out the HD, and put it on this comp, and that's extra 2 gig HD space for this comp :)

but u know wat... i think u should try windows 2000.... i tried to install it on my 133mhz comp, but it wouldn't install... cause it had a really horrible life.... it was struck by lightning which fried alota stuff on the motherboard so i had to look to alternatives, like those... ISA com port cards and all...


I may actually be insane.
i have a perfectly capable box here with Windows XP on it with 60gb space, i dont need windows, this thread was for people to suggest which UNIX based o/s i should use.

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