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which ram


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corsair, why choose anything less ;)

twinmos is famous for not even working at the speed its rated at.

kingston is a good brand, but they dont push the same ram timings as corsair.


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dunno i have xms memory, i was looking at a review and they import the value range, all the rest is made and tested on site in the USA.

Did the review mention what they import? Is it just the Corsair overseas foundry making the chips or is it somebody elses ram chips?

And for anybody-
What ever happened to Micron / Crucial? They used to be one of the best and now they seem to have died out. Last stick I bought from them was only marginally stable at rated speed/CL. No overclocking at all.


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little late to the punch but I'll drop in my 0.02 :)

corsair xms just because of the tight timings... I am very happy not only with the stock timings but the ability to oc the baby beyond its expected levels :)

I had crucial and samsung before... good quality and good performance... good oc'ers too but I think I was lucky with the batch I got...

for cas 2 or good oc's... corsair xms recommended

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