which ps?

300, 350, 400, 450??? i have no clue, what should a gamer use? what should a student use? i searched the archieves and didnt find anything, and i looked on the net, but found a help site, but it wasnt very clear.. can anybody clear the air.. maybe even go as far to make a graph?? :)


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All depends on your hardware. You should have atleast a 300 if you are just running 1 HD and maybe a CD and CDRW and no casefans/lights. If you have plans for anything more than this then I would recommend that you just spring for the 450.

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well i can get away with a 250w psu running

athlon xp 1500+ (1333mhz)
256mb sdram
radeon ve 32mb
2 hard drives 7200rpm /5400rpm
a 40x cdrom
and a pioneer dvd /rw

and im running fine


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I had loads of problems with a 300w supply before although this was just a cheap one. Since upgraded to a enermax 435 and my system is soo much more stable. i am running

AMD XP2100+
2 7,200 rpm hdd
2 case fans
large heat pipe cpu cooler
two cd drives
and now where it counts lots of cards

Tv card
scsi card
sound card (with front bay)
network card
geforce 3 agp card

more usb ports (4)
with this amount of stuff i needed the extra power.
Dont forget amd reccommend a limit of 300w i would not suggest anything under 350w

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