Which of these two cards would be better?


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I'm going to be getting one of two nearly identical notebook computers in the coming weeks. I need to pick one, but the only significant difference between the two is the graphics card.

Notebook #1 has an ATI Mobility Radeon 7000 IGP.

Notebook #2 has an ATI Radeon 345M.

Both cards (unfortunately) use system memory (up to 64mb) as video memory.

I've tried finding out some information about the cards, but good, hard facts are proving elusive. I did discover that the 7000 IGP was based on 340M architecture, but that doesn't really tell me if it's better or worse than the 345M.

Anyone got any links to good data about these two cards? Or even some personal experience? Because of circumstances, I'll be getting one of these two, and I want to get the best that I can.

Thanks in advance.


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Thanks for the responses. And, yes, I'm new here...

The one with the 345M is an HP Pavillion ze5732qv with a 2.3 ghz mobile P4 processor and 256 meg of RAM.

The other one (the brand name of which is eluding my memory at the moment) has a 2.5 ghz Celeron with 256 meg of RAM.

Based on what you guys said here (and my own further research), I've decided to go with the HP Pavillion. It has a slightly bigger hard drive, wireless adapter, etc. that the other one didn't, plus it's sounding like the on-board graphics chipset is probably a little better. I wish I had a bigger selection to choose from, but I'm getting it through my wife's job's employee purchase program and my selections are limited by that.

This computer will mainly serve as a portable DVD player, mp3 player, and PDF viewer. My desktop will remain my gaming machine (as it should be :)).


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good thing you went with the pavilion as well cause the celeron in that other system wouldn't be very good compared to the mobile p4
1010101 said:
My desktop will remain my gaming machine (as it should be :)).
You'd be suprised at how capable laptops are at gaming these days. I just got this relatively-lowend notebook (see sig) and i can play all current games fairly well (ut2004, farcry).