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Which Broadband Interface?



Yeehaw.. finally my local telephone company has released broadband, which Im getting connected this Friday (20th sept). I can finally get rid of this shi*e! AOL software.

Funnily enough I will be paying the same price s I am for AOL, but for broadband! cool :D

OK my question is this.. In all the bumf (literature) that came about broadband it says I can either have a NIC card fitted or USB connection.

Im kinda thinking going with the USB option, should I ??

Yes, I have spare USB port, yes my other USB devices work A-OK.

doesnt matter either way. Last I heard there were some problems with the Alcatel SpeedTouch USB (the blue stingray thing) something about software or firmware versions.
If you go with a USB one, but not the SpeedTouch USB then you need to make sure that it supports G.DMT, PPPoA.

For the UK goto http://www.dslsource.co.uk <- you can read info about the different pieces of ADSL hardware that will work in the UK.

Not all ADSL Hardware works in the UK it has to be PPPoA, there are quite a few that are PPPoE only. I think this is due to the normal protocol in the US being PPPoE, I am not sure about the rest of Europe.


i just use a pci nic card, i'd rather keep my usb ports open for something more important.


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I used to work @ an ISP's helpdesk. Back then the ISP sold only Alcatel's equipment. The modem that gave the least problems was the ALcatel Speedtouch Home connected to a NIC. There were some issues with the Speedtouch USB on Windows 2000 and 95 with USB support, but the worse modem was the SpeedTouch Internal PCI modem.

That's just my first hand experience with dsl modems.

Hope that helps

The 1 that come's with Telewest broadband rule's cause my mate's BT adsl is slow compared to mine and my other who has freeerve broadband is the same has BT and Telewest is the best Broadband out so far

these is the 1 i got with Telewest,Blueyonder lol

Some of the SURFboard SB4100 External Cable Modem features are:

DOCSIS 1.0 and 1.1 CableLabs® Certified
USB network connectivity; 10/100BaseT Ethernet (auto-sensing)
Front panel standby button for enhanced security
Up to a 100 times faster than a 28.8k analog phone modem*
Supports up to 32 users (1 via USB and up to 31 via Ethernet)
Front panel LEDs for easy troubleshooting
Internal power supply
Utilizes Broadcom BCM3350 chip
5x faster processor to handle QoS (Quality of Service) and advanced IP filtering
Remote management via SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol)
I have a motorola SB4100 connected through a USB port. In over a year it hasn't let me down, my ISP has, but the modem has been fine. The fact I get twice the speed that I pay for makes me think I shouldnt change it =)


I may actually be insane.

I can't think of anything you've ever downloaded for me!
I rely on my trusty 56k :p
/me runs orf


I may actually be insane.
pah, i dis-own mandrake because its not k-rad enough :p :p :p
And i'd forgot about them thar gabber, where they on the HD oli has now ?

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