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Confirmed Where is everyone?!!?


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That's my problem with the site at the moment. There aren't a lot of people here anymore... Information on the forums is getting outdated, not a lot of new stuff...

Alright.. who's been sleeping


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I visit at least once a day but yah, threads are not really being updated, no new stuff, no new blood :(


Red Sox Fan!
Well, let's change that then. HTPC's are becoming a bigger deal in the PC community. make a section for that. I'm sure we could get some more traffic if we did some purging and new posting.


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While I'm sure a new section for a while will increase traffic it would only be a short term answer.

I think the problem has more to do with issues like the economy, people have to work more and cut back on things like internet access and also hardware upgrades not to mention its summer in the states which generally has an effect on folks wanting to spend more time outside then inside


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I try to visit once a day during the week - just been busy is all.

I got through a sift for a job I really want, so all being well I will be back as I was soon enough :)

Wish me luck!
Everyone wishes good luck and it doesn't always work out.

So, I hope you fail. :ninja:

Reverse psychology :)

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