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whats your future upgrades gonna be?

i think mine is going to be like this...

new 19'' samsung dynaflat CRT monitor (i wish i oculd get flat panel but soo expensive)

2200+ athlon xp processor

more RAM, probably 512mb more!

santa cruz sound card and some altec speakers!

cheap beige case w/atleast 400W power supply

and a DVD ROM! :)
sorry. anyway.......i also wanted to ask if "philips" was a good brand? im thinking about geting a monitor from that compnay. the thing is that i had a philips cdrw and it got defective withi n a year......my friend said philips sucks. or do they just such at making CD writers?


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Originally posted by Evil Marge
I'm gonna upgrade my bed for a new nice comfortable one cause the springs are coming through.....Does that count ???:D :D
you've been *cough*"sleeping"*cough**cough* on it 2 much;)


I'm thinkin this:

Intel P4 3.06ghz(at least) HT CPU
Asus or MSI Canterwood based chipset motherboard
512MB - 1GB Corsair DDR400 ram
a pair of the WD Raptor SATA 10k RPM drives with 8MB cache for RAID 0 =)

plus I'll have enough parts left to put together a second PC! The start of mah first home network


left = old monitor .......... KDS rad-9 19"lcd
right = new monitor........ Samsung 210t 21" lcd
I dunno. Either:

AthlonXP2600+ (w/333FSB) and an nForce2 mobo


ATI Radeon 9700 (or 9800) Pro

Leaning more towards the ATI card. I don't think the mobo/CPU combo will give me the most bang for the buck compared to what I have now.


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prodj88, I'll respond to your question about the Philips monitor. I checked a few reviews on ZDNet, and for the most part, the monitors got an above average review. If I were you, I would check out KDS, because I believe they are Sony Trinitron's on the inside, and they are much cheaper. But whatever you do, I would check around for reviews before you buy something.

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