Whats wrong with my Motherboard


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i am having problems it takes me like 10 tries or more to install xp and the files dont copy properly or womething cuz after a while the computer screws up and during the copying of the files some files dont copy so i have to press enter to make them copy sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt for some files. I think there is something wrong with my motherboard the way it copys files from cd to the hard drive. how can i tell whats wrong with it and how can i fix this problem without getting a new motherboard.:confused: :mad:
If you think it's an IDE transfer problem, try different IDE device configurations. I see you have two hard drives listed. I'd suggest putting your installation files on one of them and just running setup from it. You need the 'i386' folder and all subfolders - in that folder find the file winnt.exe and run it from the dos prompt to start setup - or from within windows find the winnt32.exe and run it to start setup.


It could be your memory? I have heard that Xp dos'nt like certain types of memory. Just a thought.
Good luck


Could be a bad burn, your CD-ROM may not read a CD-R properly, your BIOS may need to be updated, or your memory may be bad. Generally it will be one of those, in that order in my experience.
I would go for memory. In my old job I built a PC once and I couldn't get W2K to install. I tried everything and in the end it was a dodgy stick of RAM. The problems I had were exactly like you have described here.

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