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Whats up with my Monitor/Video Card


Stranger Than Fiction
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This only happens in World of Warcraft and only on my Dell 2007WFP. Notice the bright yellow band around the right side and bottom. It used to be a rainbow of colors and I figured it had something to do with my playing the game at a resolution under the Dell's requirements. I adjusted the rez up to 1680x1050 and it went away for a while but now its back and brighter. My vid card is an ATI 800xl, I don't think that is the prob since it only happens on the one game but I figured I'd throw that detail in just in case. Any ideas?



Stranger Than Fiction
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Latest drivers installed (they came out 2 days ago) so we'll see what happens. I won't test it tonight, I'm too tired. But since I have no life I'll probably play WoW all day tomorrow. I'll post an update then.

Reps for the advice.

Shamus MacNoob

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Thats right ED you might need to fiddle around with a few sets to find the one right for you, and make sure you use driver cleaner or something like it between sets.


Stranger Than Fiction
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Well I've never had any problems using anything ATI has out there. If the system runs than I don't care how old the drivers are. If they release something that specifically addresses an issue I'm having than I will upgrade, otherwise I won't. In this case I was using the August drivers. I had no problems. WoW was installed in October and I didn't really notice any issues. That's why I didn't really think it was driver related. I tried the newest ones and it still does it. So it can't be ATI's drivers. I'm not going to mess around with any other unofficial driver and I don't notice any performance difference with the Omega drivers either. Not sure what else I can do really.

American Zombie

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You need to pinpoint if this is something related to the video card or the monitor. if you do not have another monitor then find a friend that will let you use theirs for a quick test. If OK with a different monitor then you know your monitor is bad but if still messed up then it is either drivers or the video card.
I had a similar problem crop up with Empire Earth but it was even uglier (pink and blue on bottom and right side). It was a driver issue. Newer drivers did not fix it. It took all the way from 3.3 to 3.10 versions before it went away again. Only one game and then a whole string of drivers.

I'm thinking maybe it was Open GL related. ATI had problems with OpenGL for a long time.

Try rolling back a couple versions.


Stranger Than Fiction
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Thanks for all the suggestions. You may see another thread out there by me that talks about my pc's impending doom. It seems that right now anything I do is just rearranging the deck chair on the Titanic. I'm gonna tough it out until early next year when I build my new one.

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