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whats the best racing game for pc.


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hey im looking for a great racing game for pc.. something that i can sit back with a contoller (when i get one) and listen to music and play.

(specs in sig)

thanks in advance.
TOCA Race Driver 2 is simpy awesome (though I'm convinced theres summat fishy with the ai). with that and the nfs:u franchise you cant go far wrong on pc :D


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I like the need for speed series. I've heard underground is a great one.
Me, I've only got hot pursuit 2. But I've been addicted to GTA3 again recently. :)


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I would have to say, the Need for Speed series definitely!!! Can't wait for NFS:UG2, November 18th. You can get Need for Speed: Underground for the PC for $20.00. There is also a collection available for Need for Speed IISE, Hot Pursuit, High STakes & Hot Pursuit 2, this one is either $20 or $30.


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I have to say Underground because I love the style, sounds and looks of everything in it. I can;t wait till Underground 2 comes out!!!!


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I prefer Midnight Club 2 over need for speed underground on the ps2. Never tried them on the pc though, but if I were you I would pick up a copy of Midnight Club 2. Even if you don’t feel like doing a race you can still just speed through the city for the fun of it. It is also a lot less following a path and the computer players will take wrong turns some times so you can’t always trust following them so you really have to watch the map and learn the layout of the cities to win some of the races.


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All the NFS games, but the best is Project Gotham Racing, but it's only on Xbox. The other one, Top Gear Rally N64.

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