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What wireless provider is best?


My sevice plan with Verizon is coming to an end in late march and I was wondering who has the best phones. Who has the best reception and clarity?
And finally who has the best bang for the buck? I would appreciate some input.



Dabba Dooba
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I love Nextel

I had the i530 which is the basic durable cell phone from motorola.

Today I just upgrade to the i506 which is a upgrade of the i530. Its still durabel but is color screen and has alot more features. Also plays mp3 and wav ringtones unlike my i530 played polyphonic.

As for service its great. Only service that seems to get reception up north. I also love the two way feature.

I really don't have a problem with anything with nextel. Some may say otherwise.


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Depends on wher eyou are located as far as reception.

I've never had issues with T-Mobile and their prices seem pretty good for what you get.


High On Life!
well a lot of my friends are tmobile, but i am hearing that cingular is the best now (biggest network etc) correct me if im wrong


Prodigal Son
Been with Cingular since before they were Cingular. They are the nation's largest wireless company. No complaints. However, Luna is correct. It can also depend on where you are.

A couple of the things that keep me with Cingular are:
Rollover Minutes and unlimited Cingular to Cingular "anytime" calls. If friends or family are on Cingular, that really comes in handy.

Cingular has now also launched push-to-talk service which is similar technology to Nextel's "Direct Connect".

As far as cusiomer satisfaction, the 2005 J.D. Power and Associates' Highest Customer Satisfaction Award went to T-Mobile in most areas of the country.

Perris Calderon

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I can't find anyone but sprint that provides unlimieted wireless internet for my laptop at 800 KPS!

if you are mobile, look at that...sprint and nextel are now one


The Donger Need Food!!!!
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totally depends on where you live...

CDMA and TDMA service is more reliable in Rural areas and GSM is better in more urban areas.


ok so....its either verizon or cingular....im currently on verizon and have been gettin tired of verizon always crippling thier phones and makin me pay for almost half of the features........does cingular do that 2?
oh and i live in a medium sized city if that helps..


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It really only matters where you live. I have verizon, have for years, it's incredible. I have tried Cingular, AT&T, and Sprint, and they all stink (in regards to signal strength) vs. Verizon. Your best bet, if you want to switch, ask people who live near you. So many dang people have cell phones these days, if you are aggressive enough you are bound to find people that have each service. Also, most places, if you setup a new contract, give you a 30-day money back guarentee. This way, if you try it, and service blows, you can switch.


High On Life!
u dont have to take a contract if you get ur own phone which u can buy from ebay say, and make such the provider supports sim cards

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