What to upgrade?



Here are my current specs:

1.4 GHZ Athlon T-Bird (Overclocked from 1.2 I think)
512 MB SDRam 133
40 Gig Hard Drive
32 MB GeForce 2 Mx
Sound Blaster Live! 5.1
Windows XP Pro!
RICOH 12x10x32 CD-RW

My computer runs fine, just new games like Command and Conquer Generals and Unreal 2 don't run very well and Command and Conquer Generals crashes a lot.

So what should I upgrade?


Free to Fly
Graphics card I'd say, you can get a 128mb card for a fairly decent price now, the other specs look fine to play the games you mentioned.


Should I wait till the FX comes down and prices drop or buy now?

Also how can I tell if my CPU is overheating cause its overcloked, and how do i know if the voltage is right?


No - don't buy the FX, it sounds like a vaccum cleaner, and it's performance is only a little bit better if not same/worse as the 9700 pro. Get a 9700 pro is what i'm trying to say, if you've got the cash :cool:

You can tell if your cpu is overheating by using a program like mbm -> http://mbm.livewiredev.com/

You know if the voltage is right if your cpu is stable :)


What I meant is wait to buy a card after the FX because it will force the prices down of the cards I am interested in buying.

Hmm, the link is down for mother board monitor. Any other suggestions?

Its stable jsut sometimes it seems unstable when running really graphic intensive stuff and i don't know how to know if its overheating or if it's my slow video card
i would also say that you are best off with a graphics card upgrade.... i think a radeon 8500, 9000, or 9500/9700 would do good. If you are interested in an nVidia card more... possibly a Ti4200, or 4800(only $208 on pricewatch).... there ya go...

Nick M

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1. Screw the FX. It sucks.
2. Graphics card! Update it! Geforce 4600 will be your good friend!
3. A faster CPU would be nice, non O/Ced, so it won't crash.

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