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What Should I Do??!!!!


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ok i was in yearbook class and somehow the damn pc screwed my usb stick and it wouldnt open anymore saying there was an i/o error, so i tried it on other pcs all the same result, so i formatted it and tryed recovering my stuff, and i get this error, so does this mean i should send my usb back and get a replacement? could i also get a refund for how much i lost on the price or not? cuz i just got it recently but when i bought it it was 90 bucks now its cheaper! :dead:

btw its a sandisk cruzer mini 1.0gb just incase of warranty etc
the pic is the error im getting from the recovering software



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do you have the receipt? I would think if you have had it less than a month or 2 depending on where you purchased it you could get your money back... refuse an exchange if possible then go buy another one at a different store and possibly get a better one for the same price you spent on this particular item with the extra money.


High On Life!
forgot to add, she got it for me in october but i only recieved it in feb, umm btw since it screwed up on me for no reason i should be able to get it replaced for free at the least right? god now i have to send it back im pissed, i wanted to punch the computer that screwed it
I've been scouring the net for awhile mafia - can't find much, the only thing I could think of... if it exists, could we try a firmware upgrade?

Was that box in yearbook class a Windows box? or Linux....


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Have you tried to right click on My Computer, Manage, Disk Management? You might be able to Initialize, Partition, and Format it there.

This is on an XP machine, yes?


Beware the G-Man
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Found this on another site. :eek: (yeah yeah... another site :p)

Flash USB I had problem with Sandisk Cruzer Mini USB Flash Drive similar to candlebox1369 above.
Upon double clicking the device icon on My Computer window the following message appeared in a pop-up window: "Please Insert a disk drive into drive G" If properties is clicked the disk looks blue with 0 space and 0 used. In device manager the usb device is enabled and working properly. Used killdisk software as candlebox1369 indicated. When you start killdisk you must select option 3 so that it will prompt you to insert the usb device. You must very careful cause all drives in your system appear and you must make sure that you are zeroing the right storage device. You scroll down to your usb device and do an F10. Unlike candlebox1369 I did not need the HP utility. When I inserted it Windows XP prompted me to format the drive which I did using the default options presented (FAT32 among others). Now it's working fine. Hope this helps.
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