What Nvidia FX card?

I would stay away from Tiger Direct, I've read some bad stuff regarding them
like or can u forward the bad stuff? now that my mind is going to think bad stuff and worry can u give detials?
Last time I looked Tiger Direct had pretty bad reviews (relative to other on line retailers). Very poor customer service. Very bad return policies. Product not as advertised.

Use www.pricegrabber.com search for something tiger direct sells. Then select check the buyer feedback.

Remember that every seller gets some bad reviews. What I look for is what perecentage of reviews are bad and how bad the horror story is. The worst ones are people who get charged and then wait weeks-months for their credit cards to be refunded. If I see more than 1 in a hundred bad reviews I steer clear.

Also look for trends. Are the bad reviews recent of from 6months or a year ago.

Newegg had horrible buyer feedback 2 years ago. In the last year they have become the best online retailer out there.
I have had 0 problems with newegg buying things from them over the past year or so...
I've only ordered a printer from TigerDirect ($80 selling for $39) -- I even ordered it in the evening and got an e-mail an hour later saying it was shipped.

But most of my business is NewEgg now. I've shopped elsewhere with prices as low as them but they charge outrageous shipping (Compuplus.com). NewEgg is really the only way to go.

I have a 5700 Ultra and installed a 5900SE for a client the other week. Both very sweet cards. If you can, pick up an Ultra version. Otherwise anything 5700 on up will be good for you.
ok after looking around at the clock speeds and the components and all the stuff i have narrowed it down to the 5600 ULTRA 5700 ULTRA 5800 ULTRA orthe 5900 ULTRA but the 5900 is unlikely because of price
why buy the 5800 series ?


if you HAVE to buy a new card ffs... buy a 5900 series card with 256bit bus instead of the POS 128bit bus of the 5800 series..

buy the 5900 non-ultra if you can... its a better product than the crappy 5800 ultra... and you don't have a ridiculous fan-blower strapped onto the device either...

heck nvidia itself has disowned the nv30 line.. I think that sends a strong message about that product to the consumer...
it doesn't matter.. the 5800 is the last card I would recommend to anyone :(
yeah-- i say no to 5800 as well----

5900 non ultra o/c to a 5950 ultra -- That's the way to go!

geez i rather get a 9600pro/xt instead of the 5800 =P
it has faster ram and core, that is the only reason i was thinking of it nad i am not a fan of O/C becuase you get metal migration over time and that i dont like
and the other thing is the price a 5900 made by asus or albatron is expencive and thoes are the main ones in my head but i am willing to try others except for MSI. but if the roumers at work go i am going to wait about a month because of the news letters we have been gettimg from NVIDIA on there products
seems decent enough canadian :)

btw.. try and use the EDIT function to edit your posts instead of posting multiple one line posts within a few minutes of each other... keeps things coherent :D

but yah.. looks like a good card...

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