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What is up with Intel?

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Have the people over at Intel run out of imagination for their processor names? Or are they throwing in the towel to AMD?

I just saw that they have a Pentium 4 Prescott 2.8G 533.

Guess what? They also have a Pentium 4 Prescott (Celeron) 2.8G 533.

What gives with these damn Celeron's anyway? Surely it is about time they were put to bed.

Intel needs to lift their game a bit.


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the new celeron D's are not bad processors... not as good as AMD sempr0n's but still pretty good compared to their previous iteration...

wrt naming Intel has decided to go away from a cpu speed based naming convention... the new names are arbitary basically with changes in model number specifying performance difference in that particular line... ie (random numbers here) 100 v/s a 101... its obvious the 101 is faster/more featured or whatever else than the 100 since it is a higher model number...

this is the same arbitary stance AMD adopted with their opteron and FX line-ups (ie opteron 150/250/850 and fx-51/53)

the opterons first number actual means something wrt SMP... 150 == single processor config... 250 == dual processor config...

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