What is the freaking point...


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of bluetooth on my phone? I've got a wireless headset and its cool and all but they pushed this USB Bluetooth adapter on me as well. So I paid for it and now what? When I dial my phone (v710, I'm not gonna be a razr poster) I can hear the button presses through my speakers ... WONDERFULL! Is that all it does? I mean I thought I could put ringtones on and stuff. I know the v710 plays mp3's but I can find no way to get them from my pc to my phone. Seriously now WTF!!


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Forgot about this thread. Yeah I "found" a copy of MPT. My phone isn't verizon so it shouldn't be blocked but I guess I'll find out.



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Does anyone have a REAL solution to the infamous "Your Bluetooth
Software license does not include use with this Bluetooth device [6]" error? I've read tons of things most of them say it happens because the MS driver is conflicting with the Widcomm driver but I can't find any proof that the MS driver is even installed. The Widcomm driver I've tried is from two different sources (my bluetooth adapter has it and MPT has it as well) and neither of them work.

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I know I had a problem with the MS driver taking over my Linksys adapter.

All I had to do was goto device manager, select my bluetooth device, click update driver and select Linksys Bluetooth Device.


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Still not working for me. The device manager actually shows that it's using the Widcomm driver. Whether or not that's true ... I guess I'll never know.


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You know that the v710 has a flash mem slot rite?

I throw any mp3s I want onto the flash mem (mem card reader and PC) and then insert it into my v710. I go into Media Gallery then Sounds and then I just switch storage devices and all is there.


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Yeah I know. But it also has bluetooth and I wanted to make it work. Now that it does I'll probably also get a flash card.... I like spending money.

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