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What is the first thing you remember?

Perris Calderon

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I remember looking up at a blue mobile in my crib...I was very intested in how that thing worked

My next memory is looking up at the mobile, and being bored with it.


I can remember climbing/breaking out of my crib once. That may not mean much to you folks, but I had to wear an iron bar between my legs to straighten out my walk, so maybe now you can imagine what a feat it was. But then I also remember almost pulling the crib over onto myself and getting crushed. So I guess I wasn't all that smart either.

The only thing worse, would be if I said I was like 6 years old at the time. That would be frightening. Rest assured, though, I was probably only 1. Probably.


F@H - Is it in you?
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I remember doing a dukie in this little red santa-like outift I had...


around 2-ish at the time


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I vividly remember my dad getting really pissed, throwing stuff around the house, and mom crying in a corner... then my parents got divorced a few months later... Pretty nice first memory I would say. Hey, but whatever, good example of how NOT to grow up I guess. alcoholics...


Blinden: I know how you feel. My first memory is something I would rather forget too. Still, plenty of much better memorys from then on.


heh! the 1st thing I can remember was being dumped in the middle of a model train-set my dad made for me, I remember watching it going round and round and grabbing the engine to lick of course!!.. everything goes in the mouth, to test!!!! when your a baby :D


ummm when i was really small i remember climing out of my cot, through the window onto the roof!! My mum got a call from the neighbours telling her i was on the roof and it took half an hour to persuade me to come inside :)


My first memory is my mum packing her bags to go into hospital to have my brother. I would have been about 19 months old.
The earliest memory I have is of falling through a large snow drift that was over my head, and my dad grabbing me by the hood of my snow suit to pull me out, I must have been about 1 1/2 or 2 yrs. old.....Thanx Dad!! :)
Hmmm...earliest memory.
Scene: Back Yard
Place: Chevrolet Travelall (what became the Suburban in later years)
People: Dad driving, me in the middle, Mom passenger side.
Doing: I remember my dad was trying to drive out of the back yard and into an alley through an opening in the fence.
Memory: My dad did not seem to have enough room to get out. He hit the steering wheel as he yelled "Son of a *****!"
Age: Around 1 1/2

Odd what you remember.
Unfortunatley I can't Dealer, he passed away 7 years ago:( but he knows I'm greatful, we used to chat about it, and for a long time I became the "safety" example for the neighborhood...why you don't play on the drifts!!:rolleyes: LOL!!

Perris Calderon

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bitter sweet story zooker...you have the same relationship with your dad as I mine...sorry he's not with you, but glad you had the chance to share this memory with him in the past

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