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What is the best rotary fan controller?


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Hi all

What would you recommend as the best fan controller?

Firstly it must be Black to fit in with my case.
Secondly I don’t want it to be too complicated temperature etc will be reported my matrix orbit LCD when I get it.
Lastly it must be 51/4”

Two controllers that have caught my eye are:

Zalman Multi Fan Speed Controller ZM-MFC1 http://www.frostytech.com/articleview.cfm?articleID=1373
Advantages are that it will work superbly with my Zalman heatsink (though it does not look that nice)

Vantec Nexus NXP-201 Fan Controller
Looks great though no extra switches, and I don’t know how smooth the voltage curve will be

Cheers :)


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another idea

I know you are getting a case that may not need it - but I was looking at this which is actually just one controller and fan for a 5 1/4...but it does fit the colour scheme ;)

Fact is I shall probably stick with fanmate n back of case for my CPU and control others with software or 12v to 7v or 5v mods (IE permanently quiet them rather then slow them sometimes).....

Just a little input if you want super cooling.....


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I'll look further myself.....

of those two definitely the Nexus vantec for me - but actually I would not be happy with either myself because I do not want the neon led effect....

if you do want those I can recommend this etailer who stock both and do not charge shipping! (I use them for cables and bits).

I MAY be in the market for a controller - I will be wanting matt black and for a 5 1/2 bay - and as I said no lights if I can help it... hehe

So if anyone comes up with more do post them here....


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I have a smaller Nexus Vantec on the other computer, which slots into the floppy drive bracket. There's also package that comes with 2 cold cathode tubes

As for voltage curve, it seems to work quite well, you can adjust the fan speeds smoothly, to a point where they're totally off. However, I've ehard Akasa do a really good one as well, but that has a temperature-screen readout, which might not interest you.


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I think if I go for this I may well go with the Aerogate 2 which I believe can be had in black at overclockers.....

Sorry if that link is not great, but it IS to the official Aerogate site, honest!


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Hmmm interesting, the larger 5 1/4" bay does not allow you to compleatly switch the fan off which as i will be running my cpu fan from it is a good thing!
The aerogate 2 is ok... would personally prefer the areogate 1 if the buggers sold it black!!
The akasa one is quite nice but i dont really want one with a read out


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Hmm just read a review of the aerogate 2 and it seems a fairly good product one little niggle is that the fan channels are named cpu, hdd, vga, and case
My setup is cpu case intake (which could be hdd) and 2 exhausts. Something else though there is no rpm pass through to the moutherboard for the cpu, which i know with my asus board is not liked
Alwasy an option - buy one with leds and then cutthe led connections - problem sorted! The Vanted ones seem good quality, installed on in my housemates case recently, the 3.5" variant. Doesnt allow stopping of fans totally which is good as again he is running his cpu fan off it now also. It is rated up to 18watts per connector which means as far as i could see that it should be able to take having 2 fans connected to one of the controls - havn't tried this though.


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Yours doesn't stop the fan completely? Ouch, I better check up on my one then; the last time I used the fan controller dials, I could stop the front intake fans from moving. I think i'll have to take another look at it.


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Have to post - because on one of those impulse buys I just got a Nexus (cannot believe I did so because it is a silver one!..... convinced myself it will like make a "stripe" of silver over my Nexus Case!)....

Anyway - hope to do some plaing with it and get it fitted soon - will post back when I do.....


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fitted now - controlling NB, CPU and CASE fans - leavingmy arctc cooler out of it for now... Have to say the siver is OK, but that blue is pretty bright and does clash with the amber leds on my case, but hey -some things you have to live with... it has enabled me to discover the main noise source from my breeze case is either the PSU or the Arctic cooler - think a(nother) new PSU may be in order, unless I can be arsed to swap the nexus for my Tagan.... which I doubt....

Anyway if you want pics or details and stuff - let me know....

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