What is a MP4 File?


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This is very simple, just I have never delt with it.

Is mp4 a video file?
Re: mp4?

.mp4 does not mean it's a video file however.
You can have just audio in .mp4.

I convert all my music with foobar2000/AAC with the .mp4 extension.
But most of the time, say if your downloading something an mp4 file is most likely video yes.
Most likely.

MPEG4 is a standard used heavily for video (like DVD rips) on the web.
MP4s are mostly video that can be loaded onto PSP and mobile phones to view. Most mobile phones use the 3gp file format but many can read the mp4 format as is without conversion. My LG VX9800 has 7 episodes of the Simpsons and the "Still Seeing Breen" music video on it in mp4 format.

Files in .m4a format are actually the audio layer of (non-video) MPEG 4.
m4a is more common place for Audio files.

Heh, ya beat me to it. (Got stuck watchin some Football highlights, American Football. :p)

You can normally safely rename the file extension of an .mp4 file containing only audio to .m4a or vice versa to get the file to properly play in your favorite audio player.

Also there are "protected" m4a files.
When these files have digital rights management (DRM) restrictions applied to them, their extension are often changed to .m4p, the p standing for protected. Music files purchased from the iTunes Music Store, for example, have this extension.


More info on mp4 file format:

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