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What is a good but cheap AGP for HD?

Currently I have the Nvidia GeForce 6600GT but I'm not impressed. I mean, it does everything I want except there seems to be some overscan issue with the current drivers. Anything I record and watch on the TV is stretched. For some reason they've yet to fix it even with so many people complaining on their message boards.

So...do I wait a few more months and see if they fix it?
or....does anyone have any other workarounds?

Is there an ATI board you'd recommend?
-has to be AGP
-hopefully less than $100 (I'm picky about the way things look but also a week to week kinda guy)
-also has to work with BioShock. gonna start playing that soon (also the reason I bought this video card)


Overclocked Like A Mother
Wow, less than $100 bucks, play bioshock.

I still use AGP, had to buy a 7950GT AGP because Bioshock demo had a very very difficult time with my X800XL ATI

I think maybe the X1900 series might do for you.

Thanks for the suggestion! That one looks cheap too!
I was also looking at the Radeon HD2400PRO Over Clocked 256MB DDR2 AGP (Dual DVI-I, TV/HDTV) Video Card - 900178
Interesting....it was only $88 yeaterday from buy.com but today it's 92.24


Overclocked Like A Mother
it was only $88 yeaterday from buy.com but today it's 92.24
They are like newegg, the more hits a particular product gets, the website automatically increases the price.

Best is to get your credit card ready and only access it when you want to buy.


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