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What Do You Want 2 Do?


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what do you younger members want 2 do when your older? i really want 2 go into network administration afet i've finished the courses i'm doing @ mo. i have been looking @short courses such as These (scroll down a bit to networking + suport) to learn the basics then moove into a more detailed course.

what do you all want 2 do?:cool:
I am doing a masters in Mechatronic Engineering. Basically I want to design and build ROV (Remote Operated Vehicles) like the ones that were used to explore the internal sections of the titanic.

Yes I know I am obsessed with anything involving being under the water, what can I say I am an aquarius.

Mechatronic Engineering
A mechatronic system is one where mechanical systems are controlled by electrical.
Harddrive R/W heads
and many others

Henyman, if you were to do a course in Computer Engineering or something similar then you will also have the right kind of qualifications to do other types of computer oriented jobs, you would be surprised how sought after engineers of almost any kind are.


I want more than anything to race cars. I am compleatly in love with then. I love driving and I love driving fast. I love competition. Also I want to design and build cars. I think there is a serious styling void in todays cars and I want to fix that.

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