What do you do with Old hardware?


I am in the middle of upgrading my computer for the first time in a long long time.

Im just curious as to what most of you do with your old computer parts (RAM, Motherboard, Processor)?

Things that I would like to get rid of:
Athlon 1800 XP
Asus A7V266-E VIA KT266A
Crucial 256mb DDR PC2100 (x2)


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i used alot of my old hardware and built a pc to run a train cad and software for my train layout. it works perfectly and allows me to use the old parts instead of throwing them out.


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I usually keep most things. There are many people I know who have old PCs and often need parts. They are too cheap to buy a new machine and don't know enough about computers to fix themselves.


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all my hardware goes into the appropriatly labeled boxes :p

(HD's, Memory, CPU, MB's, Drives, cables, Misc and dead) i know i am sad, but this level of organisation helps when faultfinding and re-building old pcs :)
The only old parts that I currently have are a Cirrus Logic VGA display card, a SoundBlaster Pro ISA card, an external D-Link 56k modem. As you can imagine, all of them are useless. ;)

Oh and there's also my dad's old Sony VAIO notebook from work that doesn't turn on. Was a crap machine anyway. :p


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That reminds me, is there really anything you can do with old modems? I have a few external modems rated at 28,800 from way back then, and they're just prett much just taking up space. Doubt anyone would have a use for them nowadays :)

For any old computer parts, I usually use them to upgrade relative's computers.


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Give it away to others that need it.
Destroy it ;)
Throw it away (only if it's completely worthless to anyone.)
Still use it, just not as much as I used to (prime example, my x86 machine :))


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I would use any parts u can keep and sell the rest to go towards other stuff for the upgrade or just to have the money. Thats what i am gonna do this coming week. I am selling my mobo/processor/ram/power suppy and use the money to buy a modular power supply and some case mods.

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I have a number of old things - but when I say old, I mean really old! I have at least two boxes of parts, some dating back to 1985 :)


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They have programs now that collect computer parts that you dont use instead of throwing them away. They are havin one at my mall this weekend now that i think of it.


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I recently rebuilt my old PC PIV 1.8 GHZ nVidia 4600 Ti etc.. and gave it to my daughters nursery class!!

Their old machine was running W3.1!! Now they can all play doom III!!


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i just build a crappy machine out of parts, or i upgrade relatives puters, or i fine cool ways to destruct them, like dead hard drives, the platters make great coasters

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