What do you all think about this motherboard ?? Asus rampage Formula...


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I am really liking this motherboard and want it more everyday - The specs are as follows:

I know it doesn't have ddr3 mem, but with a dual one gig video card crossfired and four gig of ram with a quad core processor, not to mention that board is an overclock dream; do you really think that ddr3 will be needed? Unless you get hassled by some 14 year old kid who thinks he is L33T lol

I will point out that i been looking at this and the Asus Striker II Extreme. I like the Striker II, but am not willing to run liquid cooled ...

Price is: $269.00 from the egg.

More info can be found here:


and here:



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That is something else that it doesn't have, AZ, Which is why I am not sure if I will get this exact one or not. I been looking at a couple of them.

The Nforce 790i boards looks really nice. Expecially the xfx and evga boards. Then the Asus Striker II Extreme is really nice.
I have the Rampage Formula. I very much like it and getting my Corsair DDR2 1066 memory running at full speed was cake.

No, there are no eSATA connectors on the motherboard. I purchased a Bytecc SATA/eSATA/IDE (BT-PESAPA) PCI-e card for that.

I had some issues with running my SATA drives in RAID when using IDE ODDs via the onboard IDE controller. There were IRQ conflicts and I had issues with my videocard. I disabled the onboard IDE controller and the issue vanished. I moved the IDE ODDs to the Bytecc card and the issue went away.

The board has been extremely solid and I am very happy with it. I do not overclock my CPU so I can't get into that aspect of the board but I do have a friend that succeeded in some very easy and substantial overclocking with little effort.

If you do go with the board I would immediately recommend not using the ASUS SupremeFX II sound that comes with it along with the SoundMax drivers. Even the lowest level X-Fi XtremeAudio card sounds better, IMHO.
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Thanx alot of the info, rotjong. It was very useful and you made my decision much easier .. :)

Thing I never thought of was a esata card. I like the idea ....

Lord, it does look like a sweet board .. There are a lot of people who like it ...