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well my dvd drive which is a sony dru-710a has lots of problems in terms of accessing cds. i mean its brand new but always have lots of hick ups here and there. and i was suspecting this. what should i put in it?



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Your drives should be running in DMA mode instead of PIO, that'll help a lot with performance right there. If windows doesn't want to put the drive in DMA mode, your ide cable may be damaged and should be replaced or something's misconfigured somewhere. Also it's worth double checking your jumper settings.
What Weasel said. when inspecting the cable you may be looking for the smallest tear or kink in the cable to cause a problem. also if you're not using 80conductor cable that may cause issues as well (as the little yellow toolbubble in the screenie states).

TRy swapping the cable, let bios choose transfer mode and if you still experiance issues I woul dtake a guess at it being a failed or failing ide controller on the motherboard, however that means either replacing the motherboard, or picking up a pci ide controll ferom your favourite retailer/etailer.

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