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What do I do???

Evil Marge

I Rule
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When I scan any file with my virus scanner I get this warning...What is it and what do I do to get rid of it.
When I run the scanner to scan the whole computer it doesn't find it :confused:


what antivirus program are you using? check their website for recommendations...

but if your kernel32.dll is really hosed, you could try a windows repair (you're using XP?), but you may need blow away your current OS to reinstall it. just my best guess.

Evil Marge

I Rule
Political User
Thanx guy's I can't find any info either :huh:

Speedy I daren't choose yes cause I don't know what will happen.
I have no idea about replacing the dll from the CD,things like that go straight over my head :confused:


I may actually be insane.
If you choose yes, the file will be deleted.. if its a vitally important file, then it (in theory) will be in use and will not be able to delete.

Sooooo, I think, delete it, then replace it from the XP cd by doing the following.

pop in the XP cd.
click > start > run
type in cmd, hit return
type in (or copy/paste) expand D:\i386\kernel32.dl_ C:\windows\system32

This should replace the dodgey (or deleted if you chose to do that first) file with the original from the XP cd.

Btw, do you have service pack 1 installed? (this -may- confuse things)


I may actually be insane.
depending if its in use you may not be-able to do either, if your going to replace it straight after i think letting norton give it a quick slap can't do any harm :)


I may actually be insane.
err, well you're going to need to replace the file from SP1 then instead of the XP CD, not entirely sure how to do this.

I know that you can open up the SP1 exe file if you have WinRAR installed (possibly with winzip too) and grab the file to desktop then expand it.

Actually installing SP1 again may do the trick as it will try to replace/update all the files..


I may actually be insane.
n/p, it seems wierd that an app like norton would suggest the deletion of such an important file though.
I mean i dont know the files exact function, but "Windows NT BASE API Client DLL" doesn't sound like something you want to go around deleting :)


Don't know if this helps - -but I found the following:

kernel32 - kernel32.dll - DLL Information
DLL File: kernel32 or kernel32.dll
DLL Name: Windows NT BASE API Client DLL (32 Bit)
Description: Contains Windows API Functions used by all Windows Applications
System DLL: Yes

Common Errors: File Not Found, Missing File, Exception Errors
Solution: Download WinTasks to find out which application is using this DLL. Many problems can be solved by resinstalling this application. If the DLL is missing, download it to your windows system folder.

At this site:



I may actually be insane.
You can always try this (should be quite safe :))

Download the rar attached to this post, its my kernel32.dll (i've got sp1, should be the same) then extract it to your desktop.
once you've done that, open up c:\windows\system32 and rename your file to Kernel32.dll.old or something similar, then move the one off the desktop into its place.

Evil Marge

I Rule
Political User
Thanx dudes...We did a restore then reupdated the virus scanner and when it found the infected file it cleaned it...Don't know why it didn't do that before :huh:
From what I could find out it came from my sons ICQ prog so that's getting deleted straight away :D

Thanx again I don't know what I'd do without you all :cool:

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