What are your 3DMark2001 scores?

before my specs on my old PC were 7509 Win XP Pro
Amd Athlon 1.4Ghz, 768mbram and 40 gig harddrive.

Now on my new PC ( look down) the 3DMarks 2001SE are an amazing 19,264.

Excellent !

After all look at my PC specs !
Originally posted by ZAnwar
Now on my new PC ( look down) the 3DMarks 2001SE are an amazing 19,264.

AWESOME scores man! I am a little curious though, the configuration you used... On anandtech, a review of the new G4 cards showed only slight improvement over the Radeon 8500 scores, the highest being the model higher than you have, checking in at only 9814 points. Your score is off the charts by all comparisons...! Do you have a link to your test results on madonion's site? Not to sound like I don't believe you (anything is possible, I guess) but truthfully, I don't :) :) :) although I have read that 3DMark is highly RAM dependent, so maybe having 1.5GB RAM helps a lot... but not 10,000 points' worth, IMHO...


ps the anandtech article is here:
I ain`t lying

sorry I made a mistake, my brothers was GF4 MX 440,
mine is GF4 Ti 460

sorry for the mistake and by the way all of my stuff is top quality and my ram is PC2100 DDR.
cool, that's the best one on the market...! :)

So, do you have that url for comparing scores? Or a screenshot at least?


I was only jokin my real PC score are only 7905

geforce 2 MX 400
1.4 ghz AMD Athlon

I thought that let`s have some fun with this !

Nobody`s really would be 19,000
lol... I knew you were full of sh#t :)

But I'm still curious how you managed to get a 7905 score from a GeForce2...!!! That score seems way too high for that card, going back to the anadtech lineup, the highest Geforce2 they showed was at 4941, in fact the Geforce3 was only 7139...

Your score of 7905 from a Geforce2 is so high as to be unbelievable... :rolleyes: But then again, I could be mistaken... :) What settings did you run your test at? 32 bit color, 1024x768, etc...? Below is the url for my test, I've gotten higher but I clocked my CPU back down to 2000+ and installed new drivers, so I tested it there...



edit: I just did a search to make sure I wasn't going crazy :) - the highest score madonion shows for a Geforce2 MX 400 on an Athlon 1400MHz running WindowsXP is 3683 (here is the link) - if you did in fact get a score of 7905 you should definately post it on the madonion online results browser - you will probably get a flood of emails from other G2 owners asking how the hell you did it, lol - that score is ridiculously high!! Good job! Now the question is, how did you do it??!!
i ran it at 16bit (lowast i could go) and 640x480.
I overclocked my card aswell !

So what is your score at 32bit, 24bit z-buffer, 1024x768?

i got a 6690 3dmarks

Lanparty pro mother board - 800 mh fsb
petium 4 hyperthreading 3.0 ghz
1.5 gig ddr ram 400 mhs pc 3200
lots of fans
windows xp - with out sp2
2 hdd... 2 partitions each
c: contains windows 10 gb
f: contains programs and downloads 40 gb
d: contains music files 146 gb
E: contains free space 10 gb
Flux capacitor
nvidia geforce fx 5200 - 256 mb - agp 8x

test was ran while having three monitors hooked up and running(2 pci grapics cards), wmp playing music, surfing internet, and 51 process running....so high but i like all the programs i have it running...
i got like 16800 i think the last time i tried it with default settings. that dropped to i think 12000ish when i bumped the AA up to 4 samples, and the resolution to 1280x1024.

GigaByte GA-8IK1100 rev. 2.0 motherboard
P4 2.4C overclocked to 3.0Ghz w/ HT
1GB DDR400

Love the addition of "flux capacitor" onto the near end there. lol.

P.S. Welcome to OSNN.net mokm

P.P.S. for all the members that have been here for a while.... once again i had to double check that i was typing in the right website name..... think i have a solution...

P.P.P.S. Welcome to Xp-erience.org/NTFS.org/OSNN.net mokm
system is -
AMD 63-3200 (socket 754)
1 gig (2x 512) Kingston dual channel ram -pc3200
ASUS K8V-SE Deluxe Motherboard
ATI 128meg Radeon 9800 PRO (AGP)
200 gig Western Digital 7200rpm/8meg cache HDD
450watt Vantec Ion PSU
Completely liquid cooled with -
Danger Den RBX CPU block
Danger Den Maze4 Northbridge block
my own custom Video Card block
1 - 4" and 2 - 6" polished billet aluminum active/passive heat exchangers/radiators (inline) custom made by me, and for sale shortly at frozencpu.com - called NortHWateR Xtreme Xchangers
( If anyone is interested in getting a couple of them, email me as i have a few samples/prototypes left over that i could sell - the new ones will be sold for about 40-45 bucks online, at least that is what i am getting told, and i would be willing to get rid of my left over ones for about half that price each, depending on which size was wanted - they also have a hole in them for inserting a temperature probe for monitoring the fluid temps)
there is a pdf available for them here
-> http://www.kw.igs.net/~northwizard/xchanger_flyer-final.pdf and you can email me at northwater@northwizard.com )
120mm Black Ice Xtreme Radiator with a 120mm Panaflo 115 cfm fan
1/2" tygon tubing
swiftech MCP600 12volt pump
dual cd-bay reservoir
sony dvd burner
lg cd burner
Raidmax Scorpio case with mods (ccfls, fans, extra window, painted inside)

My score is -
3DMARK 2001 SE - 19345
3DMARK 05 Pro - 2675

I am thinking that the 05 version is more geared towards the newer line of video cards

I am almost finished my new system, which should really kick azz...

it's only an AMD 64-3500 (socket 939) with an MSI Neo2 Platinum mobo, same ram and burners/hard drive... and also liquid cooled, but using some polarflo stuff, like the chrome TT pump, cpu and chipset block, but using my own designed water block for the video, which is a...
BFG Nvidia FX7800 GTX OC - this card should really make a HUGE difference!

I can't wait to see the scores IT spits out

here is a pic of the 3200, newer ones will follow in about 2 weeks, and maybe some of the 3500 as well. (although a little old - it was taken as soon as i got the system together and was just testing it, so a few things have changed... like the rad mounting and fan for the rad, the IDE cables, interior painted, and a few other things... and it looks a lot neater and organized now too)
Steering clear of watercooling at the moment in my main rig just until I get bored with aircooling again :)

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