What are your 3DMark2001 scores?



Hey everybody... didn't know whether to put this in the Games section, or here...

I am just wondering what kind of scores you're seeing on 3DMark2001...? I just ran the test for the first time ever, today: 3587. I think it's kinda low, right? (any suggestions on how to improve it? and I don't mean, 'get a geforce' lol)

Anyway if you guys could post your system specs and scores, that would be great! Also, your operating system (home or pro) and driver versions (if possible)

3DMark2001: 3587
WinXP Pro (clean install)

AthlonXP 1800+
MS-6380 Pro (VIA K7T266)
Radeon 64MB DDR VIVO @200.3Mhz synchronous
512MB PC2100 RAM CAS2.5
SBLive X-Gamer 5.1
Maxtor 30GB 7200RPM ATA100
Maxtor 10GB 7200RPM ATA100
Toshiba SR1002 DVD/CD-R
Generic 52x CD-ROM
SMC NIC (don't have model number with me)

I'm not at home right now, so I'll edit this post with driver version numbers tonight...

I need a new Graphics card for Xmas ....

My test machine

Athlon 700Mhz
XP pro
512MB ram
Geforce 2 MX 200 :(
Detonators 23.11
thanks for the post waddy!

I will take a screen of my scores too, when I get home tonight after work and drinking


3DMark2001 - 3100
Windows XP Pro (clean install)

ATI Radeon 32 MB DDR
Creative Live! Value [WDM]
40 GB HD
Sony CRX160E CD-RW
3COM NIC card
3dmark 2001:3621 (and 3625 with no cpu OC)
win xp pro(not a clean install at ALL!! lolfull of old crap lol:rolleyes:)

GeForce 2MX @ 245-220 :D default cooling :D
AtlonXP 1700+ @1.54
512 mb pc2100 cas 2
23.11`s drivers..
Ugh, I hate you all!! hehe. I usually end up messing up my system trying to get more fps out of my machine. I just got 1339 marks on this system. A bit of improvement from when I was using Win2k. I'm told I can't expect much high scores than I get due to the fact that I've got a 533 Celeron chip.
dArK_CyAnIdE : can you tell us the secret , i have a Geforce2MX

and my 3Dmarks suck
Anyone know of any decent Radeon tweaking sites?
My system:
P4 1.3 Ghz
80 GB Hard Drive
128 RAM
GeForce 2 Ultra

My 3DMark score was a 7422 a couple weeks ago. Now it's right around 6800.
Hehe, right after I installed Rage3d tweak, my Marks were a bit lower, but my fps in quake were a bit better... w00t!:D
Rage3DTweak? Never heard of that. More info and where can I get it?
Rage3dTweak is a 3rd party program made to tweak your ATI Radeon graphics card.
MY 3DMark score is 6519.

XP Home(clean install)
Athlon XP 1400+
Soyo K7V DragonPlus
512mb PC2100 DDR
VisionTek GeForce 3 (23.11 drivers)
Maxtor 7200rpm 40gig Hard Drive

The tech down at my local PC shop has his rig overclocked with the new Radion 8500.His score is about 7500.
Beat this:

640 Points in 3dmark2001

Clean winXP pro.

AMD K7 Athlon 800@900
256 MB sdram PC133
ATI All in wonder 32mb
Abit KA7-100
7200 rpm WD 80 GB (running ata66)

Have anyone got lower score than that?

(my PC works fine in games though...)
i really wonder what score i would get if i had the radeon 8500 or GF3ti500.... still im waiting for that nice little piece of 128 megs that they call the gF4ti1000 lol :D :D :p gime gime gime :p

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