Weird 9600Pro Problem


I got a radeon 9600 pro graphics card today and i am having problems with the card when i play games. Every so often.. my computer completely crashes randomly and the screen goes off as if my computer was not powered on. My keyboard also stops responding and anything that my computer is making a sound of is jerky or repeats itself. Any idea's what is wrong with it? can it be fixed?

My comp specs are below

Thank you for your help and time

Sincerly Alex :cool:
i think its a 250watt.. unfortuatly i do not have the details of the power suply on the psu box.

The thing is.. i do not have any problems what so ever when i have it running on my Desktop screen :confused:


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If you have a 250 watt power supply the question is why does it work at all!

You need a brand name supply at 300 w MINIMUM for that setup.

Open the case and look at the paper label on the Power supply. It should say brand and wattage. If its 250 w you need a bigger supply, i'd recommend 350-400w for your setup. If its 300w but anything other than enermax or antec post the name and we'll check into it.

The K7S5A isn't the best MB on the market. It could be that also.


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im running a 9500pro with a 2.0 p4 and 768 ram and a 40gig harddrive and a dvd rom and a cd burner on a 250watt psu and everything runs fine with me.
OK i bought a 400Watt PSU today and it works fine now so far. I played a game which used to crash the comp from the graphics and it didnt crash this time. It may be fixed, ill keep you updated if anything messes up again relating to game playing. Thank you for your help everyone :)

Sincerly Alex :cool:

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