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Weekly Poll (March 7th)

What is your favorite search engine?

  • Ask.com

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  • AltaVista

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  • DogPile

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  • Lycos

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  • MSN

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Mr. Bananagrabber
Political User
Hi Everyone,
I am sorry about the delay of the poll this week, I could seriously not think of a poll for this week...
Thus even with the slow down of a moderator... I have found a poll...
This weeks poll, though not great is:
What is your favorite search engine?

Son Goku

No lover of dogma
I have been using Google for awhile... However, if their purported merger with AO-Hell, ends up effecting their service down the road, and they become more America Offline-ish, I might switch. For me to use, AO-Hell better stay outa the operations...

And yeah, yeah, I know they can promise... But when AO-Hell bought out CompuServe, they promised the same thing; that they'd keep the operations seperate, and keep their AO-Hell peeps outa their affairs, so we'd have the same service we had previously. For the first couple years they did, until they decided to merge the fricken billing depts.

After that, I got (on my long standing CompuServe account I had since the early-mid-1990s) every single billing problem that AO-Hell customers had complained about for years; for the first time... I don't have them anymore, in part because I have broadband, and in part because I didn't want to deal with their merged billing dept anymore...
I like Yahoo, I am just more sucessful finding things with it or thats what I want to think cause they are about the same and I use yahoo for email and such.


Mr. Bananagrabber
Political User
I am glad to see someone break the mold and vote for a different thing...
TO be honest i have never used Yahoo,
I remember like 5 years ago trying to use it and having difficulty navigating it but i assume ti has changed...

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