WebClient/Publisher Temporary Files at 32kb???



I have trouble locating the problem. When I go to Drive C's "Properties" and use XP's "Drive Cleanup" I check off everything I want it to Cleanup, including WebClient/Publisher Temporary Files at 32kb.
"Drive Cleanup" erases everything but the WebClient/Publisher Temporary Files 32kb. I have tried running again and again. Checking and unchecking the WebClient/Publisher Temporary Files "box", but no luck. Everytime Drive Cleanup states that there is 32kb in WebClient/Publisher Temporary Files.

I noticed on a friend's computer that we updated to XP, he does not have this problem. I did a clean full install.

Does anyone know of a solution to XP's Drive Cleanup to erase WebClient/Publisher Temporary Files???

Or know where these files are even located. I have searched but no where are they found.

Thanks appreciate any help.


2 Dec 2001
I notice I have the same thing going on. I do a search of my hard drive and I don't find anything. I'm wondering it these files are a part of Microsoft FrontPage's default folders/files located under "My Documents" as "My webs?" Do you have FrontPage installed, and does your friend?

Anyway, 32kb is just a squirt of space and i'm not concerned with it. I'd be curious to know what exactly these files are though.



I went looking around Google and found some others with the same problem. You can see what is setup in your diskcleaner by going START -> RUN -> and typing cleanmgr /sageset:1 and then OK. I checked off the uncheck boxes, but still no luck.

I read somewhere that these are leftover installation files from initial setup of XP. I have reformated a copy times in the past with XP. I have checked everytime it is always the same problem from the beginning.

Here is a solution:
Go to regedit find the key:
Each item in the cleaner is a seperate com program. The list of cleaners is stored here:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Volume Caches

Delete the key for WebClient/Publisher Temporary Files. It will remove the cleaner all together from DiskCleaner. Backup Key beforehand, just in case. It removes WebClient/Publisher Temporary Files from Disk Cleaner all together, which was never working in the first place.

The space is not the concern, the 32kb, it is just something not working.

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